three poems by Tara Currie


We fled to Kentucky,
Gathered there
From all over the world.
She welcomed us
With open arms,
Like taking in strays
She knew she could not keep.
She kept us safe
For four years,
High on the mountains,
Away from the storms
Until our days became numbered.
I wonder if she wept for us
With tears flowing
Through the Cumberland River,
Like I wept for her
Gazing over the mountains
For the last time.



My arrows are the keepers

Of my memories

They hold onto each breeze

They’ve passed through

And as long as I can run

The soft feathers

Between my fingers

I trust that I will find

A Kentucky wind




The                                                                    Mountains

My                                                                                                           Heart

Will                                                                                                                     Stay


Tara Currie is a graduating senior from Sand Springs, Oklahoma. She completed the English program with an emphasis in literary studies and creative writing and competed on the archery team.