Three poems by Leeann Fragosa

Funeral of a Musician 

Here lies a musician unwilling to fulfill
their duty. A silver flute with a gold lip
plate turns cold to the touch. Silence fills
the air, and a pitch wavers off-key.
Silence is the melody while guilt plays
the harmony. A flute rots in the corner,
pads become sticky, and screws become
loose. A musician lies breathless, a voice
becomes silent, and a musician is unable
to fulfill their duty.

Rosé wine, and i am dreaming all the time

memories of pain form their own narrative

as my eyes squeeze shut to the sound of

heavy thunderstorms and rain.


i stand face to face with a monster

that always made me feel small.

i was never given the chance to 

look him in the eye and make him

taste his own medicine. 


i see an opportunity.

i ball up my fists, scream in terror,

and swing with the energy of a woman.


a barrier. a wall of resistance.

no amount of energy can break through this glass.

i will always be a child in his presence. 


if only there was rosé wine 

when i was nine. 


a nickname written on

a basket of flowers 

in the color red. 

there was hope before the

placement of those flowers.

hope of you going to school,

hope of you forming a relationship with me,

hope of you staying sober.

but when you were supposed to be home

you were gone,

and i didn’t know where you were.

i saw you, uncle—makeup creasing 

under your eyes, hands cold to the touch,

a chain necklace around your neck,

and a tattoo of my name on your arm

covered with dirt.

Toni Leeann Fragosa is a Senior at University of the Cumberlands and graduates in the Spring of 2024. She is currently an Elementary Education major with an emphasis in English. She has a minor in Creative Writing. She finds writing poetry to be therapeutic.