The Briar Full of Thorns, a poem by Kelsey Infield


He was her childhood
From the first sunrise to sunset
Running through the briars
The bridge that swayed with missing planks
Hiding under the tire swing
From the beginning was him

Her heart dreamed
And she gave it to him
Not knowing
Not seeing
What was growing on the vine

The promise she created he didn’t give
She came back home
But no longer childhood
Cannon balls into the pools
Skipping stones
He burned the house down

Not the recollections
Nor folks
But the light
Brightening with verity
Fulfilled her

On the ridge alone she stood
The railroad track running through
The mountains that hugged
And the sweet smell of life and freedom
Hanging on the vine of the honeysuckle

She grew


Kelsey Day Infield is a 2013 graduate of University of the Cumberlands, with a major in English and minor in Missions & Ministry. She is currently the project manager for the Communications Department at UC and is married to Jordan Infield, class of 2014.