Laurel, a poem by Cassidy Howard

Have you no semblance of chaste,
oh, vile and wicked man of desire?


pursue not the lusts
of your youth.
Blind me to sensation.

Turn from me; do 
not gaze hungrily upon 
my innocence, as some 
Beast of bloodlust.

Though you howl
and gnash 
at my banner, never
will I yield        will I yield?
to your embrace.          Please…

Wear me now—
clothed in envy, 
my bark coated
frame kissed
with moss.

Eternally bound 
in tragic beauty.

Cassidy Howard is a Communication Arts major with a minor in Creative Writing at the University of the Cumberlands. Cass has been writing for as long as she can remember and even recalls typing up short stories on long family road trips in her childhood. She seeks to find (or create) a career that will incorporate her love for Jesus, words, people, and visual story-telling. Her work tends to reflect deep, introspective themes by both complex and simple means and a specific emphasis on visual space and sound work.