a poem by Kelsey Osborne


Renewal of the Living Stone

The tarnished white paint chips fall to the side
A reminder of what was once there.
Nothing but an empty vessel – a hollow shell.
The life drained from the walls
The foundation praying for peace.

The remnants held together by pillars –
Thin pillars – fragile stability.
Windows longing to get the light back
Peering out into the distance
The house stands – an embodiment of emptiness.

The gentle Wind blows the dust away
The Sun peaks through the darkened doorways.
The Carpenter’s hand softly mends the broken –
piece by piece, two by two –
He restores my home.

Old things have passed away,
The house has become new.
The Carpenter crafts –
Fearfully, wonderfully, diligently –
The windows find their light again.

With the blemishes removed –
Radiant and refined –
The white house stands tall.
With the Cornerstone in place –
Searching for new residents.


Kelsey Osborne is local to Williamsburg, Kentucky and a senior at University of the Cumberlands. After graduation, Kelsey will move to Naruna, Virginia, where she has accepted a 9th grade English teaching position at William Campbell High School.