Katie Dunne


I have scabs on my knees,
on my elbows, on my chin.

I fall, and catch myself
on the ground, not realizing

that it will be hard
to get up and walk away

unscathed. I carry my
scabs as badges, a map

of where I’ve been
and where I’ll go.


Katie Dunne is a senior at University of the Cumberlands with majors in English and Business Administration. She is a Student Editor of Pensworth and has been an Associate Editor at Zoetic Press and the Managing Editor at The Drowning Gull. In 2015 and 2016, Dunne was the recipient of UC’s Creative Writing Award. She has been published in Pensworth, Albion Review, NonBinary Review, The Poetry Marathon Anthology, and Z Publishing’s Anthology of Kentucky’s Best Emerging Poets.