Katherine Kirzinger


Little Fork

The sun glints off the water
In the creek where we used to play—
Drawing lines in the water with sticks,
Looking for crinoids and geodes,
Catching glimpses of crawfish,
Darting into their dark homes.
Pretending we were famous,
Glamorous in our own minds.

Minnows flash silver
In the clear, deep pools.
My dad made us boats out of pieces of 2×4,
Drilling holes so we could add sticks for masts,
And paper for sails.
We attached eyebolts with lengths of string
And navigated the waters.
Jumping over rocks and branches,
We sailed the mighty oceans
And talked like pirates.


Katherine Kirzinger currently teaches English at Nelson County High School in Bardstown, Kentucky, where she previously taught Special Education. She is finishing her Rank I in Teacher Leader- Secondary Education English through University of the Cumberlands. She lives in Lebanon, Kentucky, with an assortment of animals and semi-grown children.