Goosebumps Theme Park, a poem by Tara Todd

Welcome to my Goosebumps Theme Park.
Fun House mirrors twist
Reflections of reality:
A seemingly fun picture of a
Good time from afar,
But get too close and find a boarded up
Ghost town.

Seats hauntingly empty,
No one brave enough to ride.
         Falling apart.
Colorless laughter darting in and out
Between each booth.

Anything about this that looks appetizing
Has a price too high that you’ll have to pay.
So don’t progress further than the entry gate
Unless you plan to

Cover every last mirror.
Carefully take down the rickety boards.
Break down the barriers.
Be brave enough to ride every last ride.
Hold tightly to the wooden limbs
When it begins to
Collapse upon itself.
Chase down the fleeting laughs and
Bring them back to hue.

Because when you’re a theme park on the verge of closure,
One visitor
Is all it could take

To keep it open,
To rebuild better than before,
To return to a place that inspires

Never again the eldritch
Reflection of an R.L. Stine

Tara Todd is a rising junior at University of the Cumberlands. The oldest of three children, Tara has always found writing to be both an escape and a way to express herself. When not writing, she often can be found making art, reading, or running.