a poem by Martha West


Coffee Break

                                                              morning sun

trickling through

the blinds.

dousing    my kitchen

with color.

I sit down at the table, with my

cup in hand. I bring it to my lips, savoring

The bitterness that serves as my            drug;

The darkness within its glassy              walls,

A luxuriousness that cannot be  defined.

But behind its steamy veil I find

A craving sated, more powerful

Than words and more addicting

Than alcohol



Martha West was born and raised in Letcher County, Kentucky. A senior at University of the Cumberlands, she is set to graduate in Spring 2019 with degrees in English and Public Health. She plans to further her education with a master’s degree from the Cumberlands and to write children’s literature, with influence from the Appalachia culture that shaped her.